We are Snakeskin Shoe Review, Scotland's number one indie, psychedelic novelty folk pop band! 



SSR bring you the difficult second album that laughs in the face of difficult second albums. Its the tunes you can't stop humming. Proper pop from a proper band. 

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We are based in Central Scotland and spread far and wide across the mighty central belt, come in and enjoy.


Gentle Giant Music Festival 

On Saturday 13th May we played the Gentle Giant Music Festival in Forth, Lanarkshire. Stuart Brodie is a bit of a veteran of the festival there but the rest of us didn't really know what to expect (and on or two had to be shown were it was on a map). I have to be honest, Forth was for me a place I would drive through on the way south and not somewhere i would have considered as having a vibrant music scene. 

We were more than a little surprised by what we found.

The venue was larger and well set up - we were second on but by the time we did the venue was already filling up nicely. The PA was well set up and the sound from our side of the stage was pretty good - in the end we had a blast  - as these photos hopefully show.

Photos Courtesy of Lesley-Anne Young Photography and Gentle Giant Music Festival.


When not appearing with the band, James Kerr masquerades as fake DJ Dr J on Regal Radio. If you listen to any of the shows from the past two years ( many are available on mixcloud, just search for Regal Radio) then you can get a pretty good idea about all the music that has soaked in and is now leaking out in the form of our own songs. Check it and stuff:


And on the Drums.... 

Del Kirkwood..

Welcome aboard the Review Del... Sorry we don't have a pic yet so you will just have to trust us that he exists, here is a photo of one of his kits that we absolutely didn't just steal from google images. truly we didnt...

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